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What We Offer

Plan your work around your life and not the other way around.

JMonay Management offers the opportunity to service Fortune 500 companies from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Whether you are looking to secure a second or primary source of income, we have the right opportunities for you to choose from.


No need to put on make up, shave, or fix your hair. Want to work in your pajamas, go right ahead. We provide the opportunity for you to be comfortably yourself. Set up your office with no restrictions.


Working from the convenience of your own home allows you to customize your work schedule based on what is most convenient for you. How ideal would it be to mid-day grocery shop while the lines are still short and still have the ability to schedule yourself to work and earn cash, and to get the kids to school early each morning? Working from home opens up a world of possibilities.


One-hour or more car rides to and from work, battling traffic, as well as facing the dangerous driving conditions that come with unpredictable weather. On average, Americans spend about $386 on gas a month and 152 hours driving to work a year.  Imagine having the ability to cut out the stresses of a daily commute.  

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